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Computer Things and Things [Oct. 25th, 2009|08:12 pm]
When I found out a while ago that Geocities was closing tomorrow, I went and checked out my old website I had hosted there. It doesn't have anything that great, with not much interesting and a few broken links here and there. There was even a couple alternate versions of the index page, and a pair of images I know I'd just uploaded for personal storage I'd forgotten about. In any case, there wasn't much, so I just saved it all on my butthuge hard drive so I could look back at it again later to remind myself how poor I was at making things back then. The last time I looked at the page, May 30 of 2004, seems both more recent than I remember using it and too early for some of the things I have on it.

In any case, one of the links on said page was to Angels 2200, a web comic I'd read a while ago. I thought it had disappeared from the web forever at some point, but apparently it either didn't or it came back, so I'll probably go check it out again some time. While I'm plugging web comics, I might as well mention Accursed Dragon, which has been one of my favorites lately.

I also might as well post here about my brother's entry in the Aniboom Marvel Motion Comics Competition. I'm not quite sure how the rules work for this because I haven't red them, but supposedly he just missed out on getting picked during some kind of preliminary round, but still has a chance at winning the contest if he can finish motioning the whole comic on his own.

And in chat this last Friday, Buzzard linked to the Wikipedia article on Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, which linked me to an article on sentence mapping. That was pretty cool, because I've been calling it sentence mapping forever. This kept me from even finding anything out about it, which worked as a nice excuse to never work on it, or mess around with artificial intelligence/coding much at all, really. I'd recently gotten around to making actual code for a program that parses and displays a diagram for a sentence, but I still can't say I even got started at the meat of it, and it's still nice to have a reference of the traditional ways of doing stuff like this. So maybe I'll eventually get to make the coolest IRC chat bot ever~