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Crazy dust things [Dec. 20th, 2009|06:06 pm]
The way tiny bits of dust and stuff in the air around us all the time, but usualy aren't visible is something I find pretty interesting. A few days ago, I was out on the back porch watching dust fade in and out of view at it passed in fort of the spotlights. Looking at the dust, I've often tried to keep track of a single speck in an attempt to continue noticing it as it went out of the light, only for it to dissapear anyway. Then I thought of visualising of the shaft of light as a sort of window and tried to look at it as if I was peering through to something on the other side. After a few seconds of focusing, *it suddenly looked pretty big and scary. I was expecting it to maybe be a bit unsettling, but this was more startling than I thought it could be, especially considering that it just looked like a big cloud of dust floating a few feet in front of me in my back yard. I thought it might have looked kind of like I was standing at the bottom of a huge oceon of dust particles, but it seem quite that big. I wasn't able to concentrate on it for long, though. I'll need to check this out again when it's less cold out.

*Note that I stopped writing here, and added the rest later on December 28, in the early morning.