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Minecraft, Celular Automota, Ect. [Mar. 21st, 2010|02:40 am]
Earlier, I was plying single player Minecraft, flooding some valleys and looking at the grass die off, when I thought about how it would be neat if Minecraft had a thing like Conway's Game of Life. Looking at how stuff works in Minecraft, I figured an attempt to make Conway's game of life in it would end up being probabalistic. Looking up probabalistic Conway's game of life, I found some enat things:



That was pretty cool. Also, there was a link to http://haxe.org/ in the second one, which seems like a pretty intruiging way to make browser games, and maybe some other things, but mostly just games probably.

Also, I don't know what's up with these full page ads I've suddenly started getting on here just now, but I didn't sign up to have banner ads on my page just so I can later have annoying flash pseudo-popup things as well.

Edit: For some reason, the ad stopped appearing, but I kept getting a weird thing where I couldn't click on or highlight anything, which I tihnk had to do witht he ad machine glitching up. One account downgrade later, and it seems ot be gone. Interestingly, I never used any of the plus features, I just felt it would be nice to let Livejournal make some money. I don't think my journal gets enough traffic for it to make a difference, though.