Weird occurance with Windows?

Was trying to Install the DirectX SDK, after having isntalled Visual Studio 2015, as part of setting up . But it kept failing, at frist because something was keeping it from writing to a particular file. Apparently Explorer was the culprit for some reason, so of course I immediatly shut down the explorer.exe process tree and restarted the installer from a command line. This failed as well, though for no discernable reason beyond "failure", so I restarted thje comptuer to see if that would help. Windows then said it was configuring updates even though I have updates set to notify rather than isntall automatically, and haven't installed updates since the last time I rebooted, which was for installing Visual Studio. When it rebooted, it configured again but got stuck at 100% and wouldn't boot.

After several minutes, I got impatient and forced a reboot, which didn't help because it just got stuck at 35% instead. Restarting again, I plugged in a ps/2 keyboard to so as to try selecting safe mode during the boot process (usb one wasn't being recognized quicly enough), but it jsut noticed that updates werne't configured and shut down. Even after noticing a startup problem, going back to a restore point, and trying to use safe mode with command line, it wouldn't let me go around configuration. But finally it realised the configuration wasn't going to work, and set about reverting it. At least it knows to do that after so many tries, but I wonder what made it think it had an update to configure in the first place. The DirectX isntaller? That didn't even complete properly. Anyway, now that I've got it running it does have an update queued that I'll have it intall, and then reboot. Hopefully this it won't get stuck on configuration this time.

Nice job Youtube.

I'd switched my Youtube account's email address so that it used my Hotmail account, at least a month ago I think. Now, however, when I try to log in, it tells me my username or password is wrong, and fills in my user name as the gmail address I'd removed from the account. I even reset the password to make sure, and the request went through on the right email address, but the new password I made still doesn't work, and even entering the right email in as my name causes the old email to show up in the name field. I don't like any of this "helpful" integration, so I suppose if I want to post any videos I'll have to make them .gif silent films with MIDI accompaniment.

More cellular automota stuff

Well, the probabilistic cellular automota program I linked to earlier is down for an unknown amount of time, and aside from ALPACA, which I can't get to work, I can't find anything else that involves introducing chance to a C/A system in such a way. As well, I can't find anything else at all (aside form ALPACA) that lets you implement a set of CA rules other than life-like rules without a major hassle of some sort. Golly has rule tables, but it's variable system is severly limited, and I don't see any reason I should ahve to break out a compiler just to make a new set of transitions. I guess a program for something like that would be an interesting project to work on someday. Tomorrow (today technically, I need to get to bed) though, I'm off to spend a week at Emrald Isle, where there's plenty of beach but no internet connection.

Minecraft, Celular Automota, Ect.

Earlier, I was plying single player Minecraft, flooding some valleys and looking at the grass die off, when I thought about how it would be neat if Minecraft had a thing like Conway's Game of Life. Looking at how stuff works in Minecraft, I figured an attempt to make Conway's game of life in it would end up being probabalistic. Looking up probabalistic Conway's game of life, I found some enat things:

That was pretty cool. Also, there was a link to in the second one, which seems like a pretty intruiging way to make browser games, and maybe some other things, but mostly just games probably.

Also, I don't know what's up with these full page ads I've suddenly started getting on here just now, but I didn't sign up to have banner ads on my page just so I can later have annoying flash pseudo-popup things as well.

Edit: For some reason, the ad stopped appearing, but I kept getting a weird thing where I couldn't click on or highlight anything, which I tihnk had to do witht he ad machine glitching up. One account downgrade later, and it seems ot be gone. Interestingly, I never used any of the plus features, I just felt it would be nice to let Livejournal make some money. I don't think my journal gets enough traffic for it to make a difference, though.

A quick reminder for myself.

In Saurbraten, you can toggle viewing materials in edit mode with the M key. This is paticularly handy when trying to build underwater things, since with materials mode on the selection cursor is a pain to use underwater. And who doesn't like water levels in their video games?

Edit: Also, I went and overwrote one of the maps I was working on for a while, but then I found out about the backup system Saurbraten has so I didn't really lose anything.

Crazy dust things

The way tiny bits of dust and stuff in the air around us all the time, but usualy aren't visible is something I find pretty interesting. A few days ago, I was out on the back porch watching dust fade in and out of view at it passed in fort of the spotlights. Looking at the dust, I've often tried to keep track of a single speck in an attempt to continue noticing it as it went out of the light, only for it to dissapear anyway. Then I thought of visualising of the shaft of light as a sort of window and tried to look at it as if I was peering through to something on the other side. After a few seconds of focusing, *it suddenly looked pretty big and scary. I was expecting it to maybe be a bit unsettling, but this was more startling than I thought it could be, especially considering that it just looked like a big cloud of dust floating a few feet in front of me in my back yard. I thought it might have looked kind of like I was standing at the bottom of a huge oceon of dust particles, but it seem quite that big. I wasn't able to concentrate on it for long, though. I'll need to check this out again when it's less cold out.

*Note that I stopped writing here, and added the rest later on December 28, in the early morning.

Computer Things and Things

When I found out a while ago that Geocities was closing tomorrow, I went and checked out my old website I had hosted there. It doesn't have anything that great, with not much interesting and a few broken links here and there. There was even a couple alternate versions of the index page, and a pair of images I know I'd just uploaded for personal storage I'd forgotten about. In any case, there wasn't much, so I just saved it all on my butthuge hard drive so I could look back at it again later to remind myself how poor I was at making things back then. The last time I looked at the page, May 30 of 2004, seems both more recent than I remember using it and too early for some of the things I have on it.

In any case, one of the links on said page was to Angels 2200, a web comic I'd read a while ago. I thought it had disappeared from the web forever at some point, but apparently it either didn't or it came back, so I'll probably go check it out again some time. While I'm plugging web comics, I might as well mention Accursed Dragon, which has been one of my favorites lately.

I also might as well post here about my brother's entry in the Aniboom Marvel Motion Comics Competition. I'm not quite sure how the rules work for this because I haven't red them, but supposedly he just missed out on getting picked during some kind of preliminary round, but still has a chance at winning the contest if he can finish motioning the whole comic on his own.

And in chat this last Friday, Buzzard linked to the Wikipedia article on Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, which linked me to an article on sentence mapping. That was pretty cool, because I've been calling it sentence mapping forever. This kept me from even finding anything out about it, which worked as a nice excuse to never work on it, or mess around with artificial intelligence/coding much at all, really. I'd recently gotten around to making actual code for a program that parses and displays a diagram for a sentence, but I still can't say I even got started at the meat of it, and it's still nice to have a reference of the traditional ways of doing stuff like this. So maybe I'll eventually get to make the coolest IRC chat bot ever~

Longer than I thought since my last post.

First off, if anyone reading this plays Spelunky, I've mad a custom level for it called Rescue Time.

I haven't practiced driving very often, but I've driven to the dentist, a store that we get pizza at, the place where I get my hair cut, Sheetz, and my dad's house. I also got to drive in the rain last Friday, and in the late evening/night at that.

Garden stuff is pretty much done for the year, except for the peppers, which haven't stopped entirely, and the herbs, although I want to make sure the mint plant grows hardy enough to make it through winter. Grapes did pretty well, with my dad starting some wine and my mom canning some straight up juice, although over a her house I think we still need to work on protecting the plant from disease. Tomatoes and peppers did well enough for us to make some salsa, and my dad got plenty of corn. Pumpkins and sunflowers did well, although the pumpkins were planted a little early and might not last until Halloween. At one of then is obviously rotting already.

Zucchini did well as always, and this year, in addition to zucchini bread, we tried making a zucchini mock crab cake that went pretty well aside from being too salty. That was probably because the recipe called for Old Spice and we used some other kind of seasoning. Speaking of recipes, I tried out 1-ingredient ice cream and it worked out pretty well. Next time I'll try it with peanut butter or chocolate.

Over at Blackstar, I've been participating in a nice little interdimensional alien space war RP, and there's another thread starting up there I wouldn't mind joining. There's also some other role playing stuff I'd like to write, such as a group of characters I thought up while listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin and an in-depth history of "green wall slime". What matters is, I've actually been sticking with the RP I've already joined, and it hasn't died yet from no one else responding, which is pretty cool. I've also had an idea for a setting I thought up while reading about DnD which I really just need to write down already. There's some other stuff I should probably write down too, for that matter.

Computer problems have not gotten much better. The big beefy computer I got from dad has been working perfectly lately, with the exception that it won't boot unless I let it sit for a while with the power cut off to it. I think it might be that I let it just sit running during thunderstorms, thinking the UPs would protect it well enough. As for the malware spreading to this computer, I think that was taken care of when my dad had his computer guy wipe everything. I would have reinstalled the system myself if I hadn't lost the registry key by throwing away the plastic film that was slowly peeling off the case anyway either without checking or thinking it was the case's serial number. I'd think something like that would be on a small sticker on the case interior to avoid it getting lost. I might use the laptop my mom gave me, but she's offering to take it from me in exchange for money to buy a new one with, which is nice.

Anyway, I just figured I should write something in here just to get some more writing done and organise my thoughts a little. I'll try to work on writing more RP things tomorrow. Or rather, later today, since it just passed midnight.

A big post

A short while ago my brother took me to a farmer's market for the first time, which was pretty cool. We didn't stay very long, but we got a pair of soft pretzels and some beef sticks, and saw a few things we might want to get next time. Later, my brother went and got me a crate of homemade root beer, which needs to sit for a week or so before it's ready to drink. There's also another farmer's market that we found out about form a poster at Rita's, and we might check that one out too.

We've been going to new places in general, recently, mostly going to different restaurants, but also going to an army supply store and a pawn shop. Most recently, a small store, the only one within walking distance of the house actually, reopened under new management again, and this time things are looking pretty spiffy. They even put in an ice cream/soda counter, and sell breakfast food all day, the latter of which we tried out, but there's too much desert stuff at the house to be going out for ice cream so much. We even had to throw out a strawberry-rhubarb pie recently, and I'd rather not let out other stuff go to waste too.

Collapse )

We're still walking the path up to the reservoir, if I haven't mentioned that, and my brother's taken some nature pictures up there. I've heard we might move some exercise equipment into the living room form out in the barn so we'll actually use it. I'd be using Wii fit, but I refuse to take advice from a video game that makes such frequent, serious use of the word "lifestyle".

Driving school and such.

I started my driving school lessons this week. They're going very well, and aside form missing a day due to a misunderstanding of the schedule, I've done very well. I've done nicely on the tests so far at least, even getting all but one of them right on the second one despite missing the first half of studying for it. I'm sure I'll be able to get through the paper testing part pretty easily, but I'm not so sure if I'll do as well at the actual driving part. I did allright when I was practice driving in my mom's red truck though, so I don't think I'll do too badly.

Last night, I went to see the new Star Trek movie, and it was pretty great, although I wasn't as totally amased by it, I think that was because I was a little distracted by having Awkward Zombie stuck in my head. This plus the movie lead me to thinking up a short story of me as an incredibly incompetent pirate in the Star Trek universe that I'm thinking I might want to make into a comic strip, but I'll just write out what I have of it now in case I forget about itCollapse )

Speaking of Star Trek stuff, that whole Star Trek Online game looks like it might be pretty awesome. Maybe it'll let me get a runabout and go on some WACKY SPACE HIJINKS.

Also, on the way to the movies, we saw some helicopters flying around all weird. I was thinking it was some kind of maneuvering thing, but then today another helicopter flew close over my house, which my mom said was a Life Flight helicopter, but I'm pretty sure it's just that helicopters are stalking me now.