May 26th, 2009


A big post

A short while ago my brother took me to a farmer's market for the first time, which was pretty cool. We didn't stay very long, but we got a pair of soft pretzels and some beef sticks, and saw a few things we might want to get next time. Later, my brother went and got me a crate of homemade root beer, which needs to sit for a week or so before it's ready to drink. There's also another farmer's market that we found out about form a poster at Rita's, and we might check that one out too.

We've been going to new places in general, recently, mostly going to different restaurants, but also going to an army supply store and a pawn shop. Most recently, a small store, the only one within walking distance of the house actually, reopened under new management again, and this time things are looking pretty spiffy. They even put in an ice cream/soda counter, and sell breakfast food all day, the latter of which we tried out, but there's too much desert stuff at the house to be going out for ice cream so much. We even had to throw out a strawberry-rhubarb pie recently, and I'd rather not let out other stuff go to waste too.

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We're still walking the path up to the reservoir, if I haven't mentioned that, and my brother's taken some nature pictures up there. I've heard we might move some exercise equipment into the living room form out in the barn so we'll actually use it. I'd be using Wii fit, but I refuse to take advice from a video game that makes such frequent, serious use of the word "lifestyle".