October 6th, 2009


Longer than I thought since my last post.

First off, if anyone reading this plays Spelunky, I've mad a custom level for it called Rescue Time.

I haven't practiced driving very often, but I've driven to the dentist, a store that we get pizza at, the place where I get my hair cut, Sheetz, and my dad's house. I also got to drive in the rain last Friday, and in the late evening/night at that.

Garden stuff is pretty much done for the year, except for the peppers, which haven't stopped entirely, and the herbs, although I want to make sure the mint plant grows hardy enough to make it through winter. Grapes did pretty well, with my dad starting some wine and my mom canning some straight up juice, although over a her house I think we still need to work on protecting the plant from disease. Tomatoes and peppers did well enough for us to make some salsa, and my dad got plenty of corn. Pumpkins and sunflowers did well, although the pumpkins were planted a little early and might not last until Halloween. At one of then is obviously rotting already.

Zucchini did well as always, and this year, in addition to zucchini bread, we tried making a zucchini mock crab cake that went pretty well aside from being too salty. That was probably because the recipe called for Old Spice and we used some other kind of seasoning. Speaking of recipes, I tried out 1-ingredient ice cream and it worked out pretty well. Next time I'll try it with peanut butter or chocolate.

Over at Blackstar, I've been participating in a nice little interdimensional alien space war RP, and there's another thread starting up there I wouldn't mind joining. There's also some other role playing stuff I'd like to write, such as a group of characters I thought up while listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin and an in-depth history of "green wall slime". What matters is, I've actually been sticking with the RP I've already joined, and it hasn't died yet from no one else responding, which is pretty cool. I've also had an idea for a setting I thought up while reading about DnD which I really just need to write down already. There's some other stuff I should probably write down too, for that matter.

Computer problems have not gotten much better. The big beefy computer I got from dad has been working perfectly lately, with the exception that it won't boot unless I let it sit for a while with the power cut off to it. I think it might be that I let it just sit running during thunderstorms, thinking the UPs would protect it well enough. As for the malware spreading to this computer, I think that was taken care of when my dad had his computer guy wipe everything. I would have reinstalled the system myself if I hadn't lost the registry key by throwing away the plastic film that was slowly peeling off the case anyway either without checking or thinking it was the case's serial number. I'd think something like that would be on a small sticker on the case interior to avoid it getting lost. I might use the laptop my mom gave me, but she's offering to take it from me in exchange for money to buy a new one with, which is nice.

Anyway, I just figured I should write something in here just to get some more writing done and organise my thoughts a little. I'll try to work on writing more RP things tomorrow. Or rather, later today, since it just passed midnight.