MDude1350 (mdude1350) wrote,

More cellular automota stuff

Well, the probabilistic cellular automota program I linked to earlier is down for an unknown amount of time, and aside from ALPACA, which I can't get to work, I can't find anything else that involves introducing chance to a C/A system in such a way. As well, I can't find anything else at all (aside form ALPACA) that lets you implement a set of CA rules other than life-like rules without a major hassle of some sort. Golly has rule tables, but it's variable system is severly limited, and I don't see any reason I should ahve to break out a compiler just to make a new set of transitions. I guess a program for something like that would be an interesting project to work on someday. Tomorrow (today technically, I need to get to bed) though, I'm off to spend a week at Emrald Isle, where there's plenty of beach but no internet connection.

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