MDude1350 (mdude1350) wrote,

Weird occurance with Windows?

Was trying to Install the DirectX SDK, after having isntalled Visual Studio 2015, as part of setting up . But it kept failing, at frist because something was keeping it from writing to a particular file. Apparently Explorer was the culprit for some reason, so of course I immediatly shut down the explorer.exe process tree and restarted the installer from a command line. This failed as well, though for no discernable reason beyond "failure", so I restarted thje comptuer to see if that would help. Windows then said it was configuring updates even though I have updates set to notify rather than isntall automatically, and haven't installed updates since the last time I rebooted, which was for installing Visual Studio. When it rebooted, it configured again but got stuck at 100% and wouldn't boot.

After several minutes, I got impatient and forced a reboot, which didn't help because it just got stuck at 35% instead. Restarting again, I plugged in a ps/2 keyboard to so as to try selecting safe mode during the boot process (usb one wasn't being recognized quicly enough), but it jsut noticed that updates werne't configured and shut down. Even after noticing a startup problem, going back to a restore point, and trying to use safe mode with command line, it wouldn't let me go around configuration. But finally it realised the configuration wasn't going to work, and set about reverting it. At least it knows to do that after so many tries, but I wonder what made it think it had an update to configure in the first place. The DirectX isntaller? That didn't even complete properly. Anyway, now that I've got it running it does have an update queued that I'll have it intall, and then reboot. Hopefully this it won't get stuck on configuration this time.
Tags: software, tech, windows

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