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Update after over a month!

So I went to the Pittsburgh Comicon with my brother, and it was pretty awesome. I got some sketches at the con, I might remember to finish scanning them and put them up here. One interesting thing was, my brother goes to the Comic Geek Speak forums, and he took me to some restaurant that had invited the forum members over during the con. There was an interview in which I commented on the food, but I haven't listened to it yet (or more than one, those things are pretty long). Now we're both invited to another comic convention, and he's pretty excited on going.

However, there's something else I'd like too go to, that being the 250th anniversary of Pittburg. Or rather, to Robot 250, the robotics thingamagig that the University of Pittsburg is holding, althouhg I could go see some other stuff too. Hopefully I'll be able to get to go. Also my sister may of may not be interested in going to thiis, which would be nice.

I downloaded the Spore creature creator kit, and made a few creaures. It was really fun seeing what kind of animals I could make, even with the limited parts of the trail version, but not having an EA account apparently means saving dosen't work properly. I guess I'll get one of those.

Also, the peppers in the garden ripened. YEAH! They're extra super spicy, and we might make some chillie with it.

Learning Java has gotten marginally better if I read about some of the built in classes and used them. Also I learned some Python before I realised that, and I might use it when I actualy make a big project, since form what I've read about it it's easier to maintain.